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Domain Name Makeover

If any part of your business relies on the Internet you are making use of domain names (e.g., Small to medium sized businesses in particular tend to have an "organic" domain name strategy, which means it has grown over time without an overall plan or goal in mind. While adding names as needed is often effective at reaching your customers on a short term basis eventually customers can become confused by a myriad of domain names that are all related to the same company (or are they?).

Or perhaps you are ready to launch your business onto the Internet and are confused by the myriad choices of registrars, Top Level Domains (TLDs), etc. and would just like to have someone with experience help you shorten your learning curve. Wouldn't you rather have an e-mail address like instead of, or even gasp I can help you get where you want to be quickly and easily.

In addition to general suggestions about your domain name strategy there are "insider" secrets I can show you to avoid losing traffic to your site by registering common typos or alternate spellings of your name, as well as suggestions on additional Top Level Domains (TLDs) other than dot-com that your business would benefit from.

The standard Domain Name Makeover package includes the following:

  1. An overall analysis of your current domain name usage (or plans for the future), including web sites, URLs, e-mail, etc.
  2. Research on available domain names that would help drive traffic to your site, and other topics as needed
  3. Presentation on suggested changes
  4. Assistance with registering new domain names, setting up redirects, etc.

The cost for this service is $350, a reasonable investment to help increase both traffic to your site and customer retention.

Here is what Matt Kiene, co-owner of had to say about our services:

Doug was instrumental in getting our company on the Internet with a web presence that stood out from the infinite clutter. He added value without a lot of cost.

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