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Services for TLDs and DNS Service Providers

Are you a TLD registry operator, or would you like to be one? Are you a registrar, large-scale DNS service provider, or registry services operator? Put my extensive background in the technical, business, and ICANN arenas to work for you. Projects that I have worked on in these areas include:

  1. Improving the robustness of existing DNS service infrastructure
  2. Contacting customers to advise and assist them with upcoming DNS changes
  3. Vetting vendors of DNS and registry services
  4. Advising gTLD applicants on technical and business plans

General DNS Services

Or perhaps your company is not a massive, multi-national corporation and your DNS needs are more modest. I am happy to assist with everything from your office's resolving name server, domain name registrations, domain name transfers, planning and implementation of DNSSEC on the domain level, or whatever other DNS or domain name services you need help with. I'm also happy to provide complimentary consultation to help you define your needs, answer simple questions, or just get you pointed in the right direction.

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