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Superset Solutions, Inc. is a firm dedicated to helping business owners maximize their domain name strategy. Whether you are a huge multinational corporation or the proverbial "mom and pop" around the corner if your business relies on the Internet you are making use of domain names, which means you can do it better (and we can help).

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Doug Barton

First exposed to the Internet in 1994 as a computer lab tech in grad school Doug recognized immediately that this technology was truly revolutionary. As a user he became interested in various aspects of the Internet that involved direct communication between people, including Usenet news and the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. He also became interested in open source software as a result of wanting to learn more about how those technologies worked. This ultimately led him to the two technologies that would define his path for years to come, FreeBSD and the Domain Name System (DNS).

Doug moved into the commercial world of the Internet in 1999 joining a small web-hosting company in San Diego. He was brought in as part of the development team with the added responsibility of updating their name servers and domain name fulfillment processes. Shortly after Doug started working there that company was acquired by, which was subsequently acquired by Yahoo!. Doug's work on the customer DNS attracted the attention of the folks at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale and in 2001 he moved north to take over for the departing DNS Administrator. This expanded his responsibility to include all of Yahoo!'s corporate domain names and also the resolving name servers for both the worldwide corporate offices and production data centers. The domain name reseller business continued to thrive during this period as well.
The total number of customer domains supported by my DNS back end grew from the 12,000 that were there when I started to over 600,000 by the time I left Yahoo!. If you had taken our reseller numbers out and compared them to the other registrars at the time we would have been the number 6 registrar in the world.
In 2003 Doug moved to ICANN as General Manager of the IANA. While the challenges of being a department head and creating staffing plans, budgets, etc. were both interesting and essential to success, they were not the only hurdles to overcome.
At ICANN I had the privilege of traveling the world to represent my department to its 3 key stakeholder groups, the TLD registries, the IETF, and the RIRs. In addition to learning and then meeting their needs this also gave me the opportunity to meet with the leaders of Internet businesses all over the world, learn what was important to them, and report back to my fellow senior managers what we needed to accomplish and strategize on how to accomplish it.
In 2005 Doug left ICANN to pursue a career as a consultant.
Consulting has given me the opportunity to stay involved in the industry that I love and use my skills to help businesses maximize their effectiveness in this market.
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